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Founder and creator of Raw and Flawless inc., Also known as Jael’s Luxury Hair Salon. She was also the Youngest and first Black Female salon owner of downtown Naperville in 2018. She first started doing hair in high school and pursued her career by going to Cosmetology and getting her license to be a stylist.


She grew up in a salon with her mom and decided when she got older, she wanted to follow in some of the footstep of THE stylistS around her “I was a shop baby/Assistant”. She Learned Most of Her skillS from different stylistS teaching her along the way as she got older. And her mom taught her How to run a Business.


Jael Took all these trades she learned and put them together to create her Organic Hair care Line Called Raw and Flawless. After She Noticed that a lot of women, Men and Kids around her from young to old all around the world all sufferED from the same things with hair. For example, dry hair, oily hair, dry scalp, cradle cap, alopecia, damaged hair etc. she took what she learned in school and combined it with her knowledge for science and came up with a hair care system for worldwide hair troubles that effect people every day.


after HAVING her daughter, she came up with the idea to come up with a kid’s hair care line as well when she noticed her daughter had a different texture of hair, and Eczema which causes dry scalp. she experimented with different products that did not work out, WHICH IN RESULT MADE HER decide to make her own products for her child to keep her skin and hair moisturized and strong and growing.

And now her daughter’s hair is long, thick, full, and healthy.


All her Raw and Flawless products were made sterilized and bottled by her with Love.

Our Main goal at Raw and Flawless is To Bless other with beautiful hair, and manageable hair and being able to keep a full head of hair and a healthy scalp to promote Natural hair growth and everyday hair care.


Also, to fulfill her desire to reach back and help those who helped her along her journey. And to give back to the community and teach others how to build their own business as well.

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